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Indigenous organizations members of Waqib’ Kej and representatives of the peasants’ organizations of CNOC said yesterday that they would not support the demonstrations, neither in favour nor against president Colom. They view Colom and his government as part of the problem, and said that this is a dispute of power between different criminal groups within and outside the government.

Here is some recorded footage from the new conference.

The common political statement can be found here.

CACIF has called for a large demonstration on Sunday, and the government and the UNE party is also preparing a large demonstration on the same day.

MS-Asociación Danesa Centroamérica – Action Aid Dinamarca Comunicación y Propaganda, Comité de Unidad Campesina -CUC- Guatemala

More on Rosenberg

FROM HHrivas
Interview with Guatemalan AP correspondent, Juan Carlos Llorca.

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    Interesting…my own suspicion is that this is an attempt by leftist groups to replace the current administration with a hard-line leftist, a la Morales or Chavez.

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