Modularize, modularize, modularize

Our gear in the livingroom corner is neatly stacking up during our regular late night pre-packing sessions. It’s starting to seem possible to pack our lives into one car and head off for a year. I still have not come to terms with leaving my two boxes of books behind so I wait patiently by my inbox hoping I will get the go ahead from Fulbright to ship a few boxes to the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala. Parting will be sweet sorrow with my books, but it will force me to use my Kindle more and now that I have a Kindle feedburner, I’m good to go. For the next few days it’s all about finishing up my Future of Peten video, doing what I can with taxes deductions and cutting my clothes bag by at least 25 %. I did, however, take inspiration from Brad’s “modularize, modularize, modularize” slogan and packed my first office box in an oh so modular way.

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