Cesar from PuenteSur visits for an afternoon

The coordinator of PuenteSur took a seven hour bus ride from Zacatecas to visit us in San Miguel Allende.

One comment on “Cesar from PuenteSur visits for an afternoon”

  1. and after a 7 hour bus ride he started fiddling with his crack-computer!?

    The e-presence, electronic presence, the presence of iphones, crakcberries, laptops, are they making us less social?

    Maybe not less social but probably less aware of our immediate surrounding; THE moment There is always something to tell, to write, a recipient is always available, a comment can be sent out to the e-sphere and hopefully get back many comments, dwell ideas and dwell ideas, yes got a good one, send it out into the e-sphere… get a comment.

    Just some thoughts on the -e-revolution that sprung to my mind as I noticed the the e-fetish on these pages, pics, humor, funny texts on driving in México… I enjoyed it and i enjoy sending out these thoughts! Keep me posted!

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