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Computer fun
Kara stumbled on this photo of the Lancetillo kids and me from last year. Most of these kids don’t have a lot of experience behind a computer so it’s all new and shiny to them. As I was showing them my MacBook Pro, they expressed an interest in viewing any photos I had. Lucky for them, I obsessively collect images of all sorts: internet memes, wiggly .gifs, graphic design inspiration, weird old archival stuff and personal photos. As I recall, here were some of their favorites:

The boyzThis is a pic I took a few years ago of my friend Jay & Eilleen’s two boys. The Lancetillo kids were pretty much in awe of the hair. ¡Que estraño!

If your husband ever finds out
I collect old ads because, ahem, “I’m in the biz.” This one got a lot of giggles because, well, it’s a man spanking a woman and they’re a bunch of Catholic school kids who’ve probably never seen anything like this. Needless to say I clicked through this one pretty quick.

The girls’ favorite.

Falling man
The boys’ favorite.

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  1. thats was real nice of you showing them kids ur lap top, ur a really nice man

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