H1N1? No- Huitlacoche!

Mmm…corn fungus! Yep, that’s what Huitlacoche is- a tasty Mexican dish also responsible for blowing up my lymph nodes last night. Ay carumba, I haven’t had hives this bad since I OD’d on shrimp at a cheap Chinese restaurant when I was ten. So last night after scarfing down three big juicy Huitlacoche tacos I got a stomach ache. Then my poisoner- ahem, I mean friend, Adam, noticed a “mosquito bite” on my neck. Since I was feeling queasy anyway I went to the bathroom to check it out. Didn’t look like much but 15 minutes later about half a dozen grape-sized lumps grew out of my neck, with smaller bumps appearing on my back, legs and one on my big toe. My eyes puffed up with little Chicklet bumps in the corners. Everything itched like crazy but I was just hoping my throat wasn’t going to start closing it up.

After two unsuccessful vomiting attempts back in the bathroom, I took a shot of Pepto and a swig of Robotussin and crawled into bed. But not before I snapped off a few lovely pix at the height of my reaction!

Today I woke up with fat rings under my eyes but my lymph nodes were about 90% back to normal. Tonight I feel all better so Mom, if you’re reading this– don’t worry I’m OK!

Huitlacoche Hell
Bumpy!These eyes...are cryin'

One comment on “H1N1? No- Huitlacoche!”

  1. Poisoner! It certainly spiced up your Mexico City stop! hahaha At least know you know that you ar allergic to shrimp and huitlacoche. Good to know that it wasn´t food poisoning and that Lucy´s quesadillas passed the gringo test 🙂 Un abrazo and enjoy Guate!

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